Health Insurance


You still have multiple options for individual health insurance. Dorn Agency works with various health insurance companies to find the best fit for our clients. Since there are a number of variables and tremendous confusion from the Affordable Care Act, the important thing for individuals is to review the coverage they have or need with Dorn Agency.

Is Your Current Plan Grandfathered?

If your plan was in place without making significant changes prior to March 23, 2010, most, but not all, will be grandfathered. That means you can keep your current plan as-is. However, there may be reasons to change. Call us to discuss: 480-614-2507.

If you are not grandfathered, that does not mean you have to change immediately. You can keep most plans until the renewal date.

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Group Employee Benefits

We work with many types of businesses in designing and servicing their employee benefit programs. This includes health, dental, vision, group life, and group disability insurance. A group can be as small as two people.

We are helping employers analyze the advantages and disadvantages of maintaining a group health plan. There are situations where it may be beneficial for employees to be covered individually.

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Medicare Supplements

10,000 people per day are turning age 65. In addition to Medicare Parts A and B, you are likely eligible for a Medicare Supplement plan to “fill in the gaps”. We represent multiple companies and can help you obtain this valuable coverage. Call us at 480-614-2507 to discuss or e-mail


Individual and family dental insurance is also available. Click here to shop plans and apply directly online.

Temporary Health

We have available short term health insurance for those between jobs, students, and people waiting for their group or individual health insurance plans to start, or any other temporary need for coverage. This coverage is available for up to six months.

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International Medical

Traveling outside the US or a non-US citizen? Click here.