Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance – Individual and Group

If your income stopped tomorrow, what would you do?

If you have a serious illness or injury, would your income continue? If so, for how long?

The chances of becoming disabled during your working years is much higher than the chance of death. Don’t take that chance; protect your income today with disability insurance.

Chance of disability vs. death during working years

Dorn Agency has specialized in disability insurance for many years, and we represent multiple insurance companies to try to find the right product to fit each unique situation.

If you are looking for disability insurance and want to make sure your income is protected, seek out a specialist. Contract language is critical in determining if and how you get paid when you are disabled. One word, or a sentence, can literally make the difference of whether you get paid or not.

We provide individual coverage that is tailored to your occupation, your income, and what you feel you need. Significant discounts are available for insuring at least 3 employees through a business or professional firm.

We also provide group disability insurance for businesses that wish to provide this valuable benefit for their employees. Sometimes a combination of group and individual coverage makes the most sense, since group plans typically discriminate against the highest paid employees.

Having worked on hundreds of actual claims situations has brought home the importance of having your income protected with quality disability insurance. How the benefits are structured and the taxation of premiums and benefits are important considerations as well.

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